Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ted Cantu Whips Local Web Traffic Into Shape For Novi, Michigan Businesses - HOT METRO FINDS

 July 17, 2014 ) Novi, Michigan – Up until recently businesses had to rely on buying web traffic from vendors on the Internet. The results were varied and often times kept the consumer guessing. The problem was that too many times the traffic was too regional and not specific enough for local businesses. If one needed local business traffic from Novi and ordered a Midwest web traffic package some of that traffic could come from Indiana, the U.P. and even Toledo, Ohio. Too many times the traffic was not local enough and not tight enough to create any real impact. This meant that a lot of the online visitors that came to the site were of little benefit when it comes to in store traffic. To further complicate the issue at least 35% of that traffic was fake.

That has been a problem for a lot of businesses. The idea of being authentic and telling stories and gaining sensible market share depends a lot on the kind of web traffic that is available. Hot Metro Finds.com creator, Ted Cantu is stepping up to the plate to figure out what the local Michigan market place needs and is creating infrastructures in place for local traffic. This is going to be places where people from Wixom, Walled Lake, Commerce Township and Waterford look online to buy goods and services. It is there where people will be able to find and connect to other busineses. So far it is beginning to work and there is real visibility on the web

“Right now there are two campaigns that are working wonders in Wixom and in Novi. One is for a BBQ restaurant and the other is for a salon. The feedback for both businesses is really unique because of the crossover into social media.” Says Ted Cantu. “The is plenty of online traction for SEO, search engine optimization, but there are people who are coming in through social search -- its the best of both worlds”.

There is open enrollment for businesses to take the challenge. Cantu and Co. will take any keyword and any city and rank them in Google within 24 hours or double the money back. The price is low at only $25 and enables both parties to see if working together makes sense. It certainly makes sense for some wholesalers in S.E. Michigan. Some clients have branched out into multiple locations using this new web traffic and customer generating technique.

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